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Galaxy S9 Games Guide

Galaxy S9 Games Guide

Galaxy S9 Games Guide - Let's Play the best games on Galaxy S9/S9+. In these sections we will guide you playing games on Galaxy S9, record, share with tutorial tips and tricks the best games performance.

Galaxy S9 Games Guide

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Whatever your Samsung S9 or Samsung S9 Plus or another Samsung Galaxy Series, you can play S9 plus best games today. In a Review, this Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very fast phone, through a Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 the typical speed-boosts to the GPU and CPU, the new SoCs can handle improved features such as facial recognition and the 960fps slow-motion video recording with 4GB RAM or 2GB RAM less than the S9 Plus variant,.You set up and settings your phones for the best performance to play games below:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Gaming

Your S9 support Game Launcher, this features set by Samsung provide to play game on this device. The S9 audio has been tuned by AKG and supports a form of Dolby Atmos offering an immersive experience when you’re turn on gaming mode on the Galaxy S9 software boost, press the button to simulate a 360-degree sound, rather than actually movies supporting Atmos content. S9 sounds volume-boost enable from the quick-settings bar, so you will never worried use Samsung Galaxy S9 gaming mode excited and rush into your game, but set up it first

How to set up Galaxy S9 Game Launcher
Galaxy S9 Game Guide samsung s9 samsung s9 plus how to use galaxy s9 galaxy s9 features samsung s9 tips galaxy s9 tips and tricks samsung s9 tutorial s9 plus setup

Ok let' stard with Settings on S9, then search and select Game Launcher then follow these steps:

1. Read the information and Terms of Service, NEXT, and select I agree to all and then
2. Tap START and the Game app icons will now be displayed in the Game Launcher.
3. Now you had finished the Setup Game Launcher and enjoy the S9 gaming!

Tips and Tricks:

Whether you are playing S9 best games like an RPG iPhone 11 or a simple puzzle game Galaxy S10, you can use iPhone 11 Pro game tools to help you game for get the best games upgrade performance by follow these instructions:

1) Open Samsung Game Launcher.
2) Select and start the Game.
3) Touch the Game Tools icon on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
4) Select and adjust your game settings on Galaxy S9

If you want to add the Game Launcher icon to your Home screen, touch ADD.
If Game Launcher is not available in the Settings menu, you must install and launch a game first.
You can disable and hide some apps to improve S9 game performance, or completely removed from your device.

How to Record Game Play on Galaxy S9

Redord your Galaxy S9 gaming and share with your friends or sssst Record your game and get money will you? See How to get more money from your game record.

Manually to record Game on Galaxy S9 by follow this user guide:

1. Open the Game Launcher App.

2. Select and start the desired game.

3. Touch Game Tools, and then touch Record.

4. Keep record button on and Play your Galaxy S9 best games

5. After finished stop recording, by touch the Stop button.

Now you fre to share your game recording with your friends or on your website on internet.

To share video recorded on Galaxy S9 you can follow the tutorial below:

1. Navigate to Game Launcher.

2. Touch My Games, and then touch VIDEOS RECORDED.

3. Select the desired game video list, and then touch and hold the desired video.

4. Touch Share, and then select the desired sharing option.

Mute S9 Sound

Maybe need to mute Galaxy S9 or if you don't like the music or sounds in that horror game's no problem with the new Mute feature our guide below:

1. Touch Game Launcher.

2. Touch Mute game to silence the game.

3. To unmute it, touch Mute game again.

List Of Best Games For Samsung Galaxy S9

FPS Zombie Apocalypse, Survival Games, Angry Birds 2, Hitman Sniper, Clash of Clans, Star Wars, Galaxy of Heroes, Traffic Rider, Castle Crush, Clash in Free Strategy Card Games, Idle Miner, Star Wars Force Arena, Mortal Kombat X, Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy, Vainglory, Super Mario Run, NBA 2K17, Asphalt 8 Airborne, officially download from Google Play Store.