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New iPhone Buying Guide Apple

New iPhone Buying Guide Apple

New iPhone Buying Guide Apple - Need to buy new iPhone? Take a look our New iPhone Buying Guide from Apple for the best iPhone model so far and the latest models and always update every new year with a smart cost.

New iPhone Buying Guide Apple

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New iPhone product every year by Apple Inc, our Buying Guide for the latest iPhone models.

New iPhone Buying Guide

To buy new iPhone you must know what the latest iPhone release date in this year. The company will announced new models into public on press conferece to released new iPhone live announcement at Apple event live.

Apple upcoming events could be Apple event 2018 or Apple Special Event June 2018. The upcoming event based on Apple keynote september 2017 that announced best iPhone model so far :iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. For now you can buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus in Space Gray, Silver, Gold, or (PRODUCT)RED today start at $699.00 to $949.00. You can Pay in full or pay with low monthly payments. Buy now with fast, ‎AT&T 256GB Space Gray, 256GB Gold Sprint or Unlocked iPhone $949.00 and (product)red 4GB iPhone 8 for $599.99, the 256GB iPhone 8 for $749.99, the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus for $699.99, or the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus for $849.99 O2. Currently, the 64GB iPhone 8 for $699 and the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus for $799, you free to check at Apple store https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/ (copy and paste link because we not affliated store; contact us for your recomendations)

Upcoming New iPhone Models

New Apple product 2018 be a trending topic on google search until the company released new product for this year. Focus on Apple iPhone the upcoming models are: iPhone 9, iPhone 9 Plus, iPhone X Plus, iPhone XI, iPhone XI Plus, iPhone X2, iPhone X2 Plus, and iPhone SE 2, so which iphone is best value for money? Many rumours website talk about new iPhone models leaks images prototype, concept but who knows, the Apple secret features keep it covered.

How to Get New iPhone Every Year
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Need to know How to Get New iPhone Every Year? By follow iPhone upgrade program you never worried what next iPhone will coming out because your time is money to read rumor may loose your time. The simple way to get new iPhone every year you shoud have an eligible iPhone, and the purchase of AppleCare+ for iPhone.

You can read iPhone Upgrade Program Terms & Conditions on Apple website and you can join new iPhone upgrade program in easy way to get the latest iPhone with AppleCare+ and pay over time with 0% interest, and upgrade to a new iPhone after only 12 payments with the online program with the Apple Store app or Sign up to get new iPhone every year here.

Before you go there to buy new one and change with new models, or sold your phone, you mus back up your data. You can follow our iPhone guide to back up your device via iTunes or use iCloud, here's how:

How to back up iPhone to iCloud

1) Ensure your data is online or connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.
2) Swipe your iPhone and go to Settings, scroll down and tap iCloud.
3) Choose iCloud Backup to ensure that iCloud Backup is turned on.
4) To Backup manually Tap Back Up Now, wait and keep your device connected to network until the process completes.
5) Completed and you can erase all data on your iPhone and restore to factory settings like a new iPhone, you can read more how to reset iPhone.

How to check the latest iPhone backup?

Your iPhone generally set up automatically back up online with iCloud Backup. If you need to know the latest back up go head to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Backup, See the latest backup date and time under Back Up Now.

How to Manually Backup iPhone using iTunes

You can manually backup iPhone using your computer or any iOS device by follow this steps:
1) Install iTunes on your computer/laptop/mac/tablet, then open iTunes
2) Connect your iPhone into computer/laptop/mac/tablet
3) Select your device that appears in iTunes app.
4) Just click Back Up Now and everyting on your iPhone backuped now.
5) Finish up, you can see the backup finished successfully on the screen.
6) After completed close and turn off your iPhone

Use your back up to restore in new iPhone and all your data will back into your new device